Our Services

Product Sourcing, Merchandising & Selling
We work tirelessly with our partners to source, merchandise and promote food and beverage products our clients seek to acquire and at the most competitive market prices available. We have built dedicated reliable channels to outsource and distribute products ensuring a consistent level of continuous supply and of a wide range of products. Thorough account management from initial enquiry to order fulfilment is how we optimize to work.

Product Re-labelling, BBD Labelling & Language Translation
Most of the products we procure is of North American and European origin. For export and sales to other markets across Africa, Middle East and Africa, certain domestic law regulations requires relabelling to have local languages clearly shown on imported food and beverage products. To aid our customers to conform to such requirements, we proactively offer re-labelling services for relabelling of BBD text and language translation. We have the capabilities to translate nutritional information labels, bespoke barcodes, recycling information and ink jet printing directly onto products. We ensure such translations comply with every local domestic market regulations ensuring a peace of mind to our clients and to market regulators. 

Warehousing & Distribution
We have external warehouses stocking the latest products with the up-to-dated stock and longest shelf lives. Leveraging upon our organized system in place, we can offer faster turnaround of orders to our clients. We can offer the flexibility to accept an order for as little as a single pallet of a product to mixed assorted pallets, to be added together as the total shipment for the client. With this flexibility, the client has the freedom to create their own shopping cart style of purchasing or be able to place a small order trial of smaller quantities of a product before committing to purchasing larger volumes. 

Escrow Services
We hold escrow accounts with some of the most reputed escrow and bonded warehouse service providers in the world. Payments initiated through escrow are a safe and secure way of transacting, coupled with the use of bonded warehousing for safe and smooth transferring of goods from a sellers account to the buyers account in a concurrent and efficient manner. Such methods of transacting offers safe protection, security and peace of mind to both parties engaged. Most escrow service providers are well affiliated with freight forwarding companies and so therefore logistics management; distribution and warehousing are safely well ensured as part of a total logistics and warehousing solution. 

Logistics, Freight & Inspection Management
We have a dedicated freight forwarding and logistics department that is knowledgeable in freight management, knowledgeable in multi-temperature deliveries across road, sea, and by air. Our team is experienced in insurance management policies and follow-ups. Our team follows stringent quality control assessments protocols coupled with professional inspection management methods. Owing to realized economies of scale, our team can offer the most cost-effective transport solutions that we can spread across our distribution platform. We are well versed in offering a complete door-to-door shipping solution. 

Documentation, Compliance & Round-the-clock Order Tracking
Our team is well experienced and knowledgeable to manage and handle all kinds of shipping related documentation and following strict compliance of such shipping documents. We also offer advice on customs clearance and export procedures. Our team ensures a round the clock order tracking and transit status query with our clients in a timely manner.